What Do Your Restaurant’s Uniforms And Linens Say About Your Business?

Posted by Gold Coast Linen Services on Mon, Sep 09, 2013

A restaurant’s decor should be a guideline in determining the kind of image their employees should portray.  A casual bar and grill may allow their employees to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work.  A fine dining establishment on the other hand should require their employees to wear a more formal uniform. Uniforms not only help elevate the staff’s level of performance, but also give the restaurant a higher value to the patrons who dine there.  Are the staff’s uniforms neatly pressed or do they look as if they just rolled out of bed? Your employees must look as sharp as their surroundings.  Establishing a relationship with every customer as if they are your only customer is a great path to a successful business, but if your staff does not look polished and professional, your restaurant will not either.

One of the first things people notice when they first walk into a restaurant is not the food!  It’s actually the restaurant’s ambiance and decor.  A restaurants decor actually pre-determines if the customer is going to have a great experience, or if it’s off to a bad start already.  Are the table linens and napkins clean and crisp looking? Offering paper napkins can misconstrue your restaurant into looking cheap!  It is proven that patrons that dine at restaurants offering linen napkins and tablecloths expect to pay more.  They also believe that the food and service will be better quality because of the attention to detail in the ambiance. High grade fabrics and fashionable linens are the first step in creating a memorable dining experience.

In addition to quality there are many other important considerations when choosing restaurant linens and uniforms.  Are the fabrics stain-resistant? Are they easy to care for and wrinkle free?  Your choice of restaurant table linens and staff uniforms should always be made with quality and value in mind. At Gold Coast, we are dedicated to assisting those working in the restaurant industry in making the best decision when choosing uniforms and linens for their restaurant or hotel business. We offer a plentiful selection of quality restaurant linens and staff uniforms that will not break the bank.  Allow us to help you create a luxurious look for your restaurant within your budget.