Towel and Apron Rental In Fort Lauderdale & Miami


Aprons offer more than just protection for your employees’ clothes. They’re also useful tools of the trade and an identifying uniform. With Gold Coast, you’ll have access to a variety of styles and colors to ensure that your vision and aesthetic is matched. 

With how important appearances are in the restaurant industry, the aprons used by your employees can’t be low-quality. Our aprons are professional-grade quality and are built to last. 

We have: 

  • Bib Aprons

For a classic look with a lot of functionality, our bib aprons are the way to go. Easily put on and nearly universal in size, our bib aprons are versatile and ready to protect. 

  • Bistro Aprons

A classy and stylish way to protect an employee’s pants, our line of bistro aprons can’t be overlooked. Whether serving or cooking, a bistro apron is a classic and highly functional option.


In a restaurant, towels are worth more than gold. That’s why the only towels that should be used in your business are high-quality, durable, and highly functional ones. Gold Coast Linen Service has just the towels to satisfy even the heaviest of duties. 

We have:

  • Glass Towels

When the job calls for a fine, more delicate touch, glass towels are the towel of choice. Don’t want to scratch that expensive china or pristine glass wear? A glass towel is the only tool for the job.  

  • Dish Towels

For a towel up for any task, you can count on our dish towels. Super absorbent and easily dried, these towels can be used multiple times with great success. 

  • Bar Towels

A bar towel needs to be durable. Our bar towels are thickly woven with highly absorbent fabrics that can handle any mess and dry out quickly. Premium materials and construction ensure this is the best choice for any part of your business where towel performance matters.

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