Cutting edge technology plays a key role in reducing laundry costs and increasing production efficiency, thereby keeping your costs low. Gold Coast is proud to offer our customers such advanced technologies as RFID chips in garments and automated feeding, folding and soil counting equipment. We also use the high efficiency dryers and heat reclaiming to reduce our energy use.


Our state of the art handheld delivery devices ensure accurate deliveries.

Cost Control:

Inventory control system saves you money, cost reduction reports for your analysis, regular cost control audits and updates.

Quality Inspection

8 point quality control program, all items are hand inspected.

Inventory Accuracy:

Advanced light frame computer technology to ensure soil count accuracy.

Fash Forward Garments:

7 Scrub colors, 6 Warm-up designs, 5 styles of Lab Coats.

Easy-To-Read Invoicing:

Stay within budget with your cost invoice, full disclosure with Clear Voice invoicing, showing last 3 weeks use to save your money.

Certified Trained Route Managers

Weekly communication, knowledgeable problem solvers.

Easy Communication

Rapid Response Customer Service Hotline, 24/7 Emergency Service available, order via phone, fax or e-mail.