Signs You Are In A Quality Restaurant

Posted by Gold Coast Linen Services on Tue, May 28, 2013

Signs you’re in a Quality Restaurant

When a customer walks into your restaurant what is the first thing they notice? Think it’s the food? Think again. The first thing most look at is the cleanliness. Are the floors clean, tablecloths and napkins neat and ready for use, glasses and silverware shined and not spotted? Are the restrooms stocked, clean and sanitary? If this is not the case you may already have a customer walking out without even trying the food!

Does your server come greet you quickly and in a friendly fashion? Sitting at a nice restaurant and have no one come to your table in a reasonable amount of time is already putting a bad taste in the customer’s mouth.

Are the items offered on the menu in season? Make sure you do your research to offer the best quality food items to your patrons.

Can you hear the people in your dinner party? There’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to have a conversation and you can’t hear what is being said to you. Whether it is a bad echo, overcrowding or a bad sound system please be conscious you want your customers to feel comfortable.

Ever been the last one to be served at a dinner party? Everyone has their plate in front of them and you are waiting for yours. Now all your guests are done eating and you are scarfing down your portion. This just shouldn’t happen at a reputable location.

Let us help you make the best first impression at your restaurant. With Gold Coast Linen Service we offer top quality items for restaurants such as table linens, napkins, chef coats, aprons, towels and facility supplies to keep your business looking its best. Together we can design a look perfect for your location – all within your budget. Contact Us at 561-832-3841 or by e-mail: