Restaurant 101 – Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Linens Clean & Germ Free

Posted by Gold Coast Linen Services on Wed, Dec 24, 2014

It’s not about what you see, but what you don’t see that can really put your restaurant and its’ customers at risk. The truly dirty items that you should worry about in your restaurants are not just the mud traces on the floor and the wine stains on the bartender’s apron. The most alarming are invisible to the naked eye: germs.  While it’s pretty much impossible to get rid of germs altogether – it is important to keep harmful ones at a minimum.

The Dirtiest Items in your Restaurant – Some May Surprise You!

In a recent study conducted by an ABC News correspondent, they have found some of the most germ-infested items in the restaurant to include the following:

  • Salad Bar tongs
  • Ketchup bottles
  • Bathroom faucets and door knobs
  • Rims of glasses
  • Tables
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Menus

How about the items in your kitchen where food is prepared? Other than our pots, pans, and cutlery you’ll be surprised to know that the very things we use to keep our kitchens tidy may very well be the culprit in spreading more germs!

  • Countertops and Sinks. Even your stainless steel counters and sinks can house germs and bacteria. While stainless is still your better germ-resistant option, you still need to make sure that traces of raw meat, blood, and other raw produce are cleaned immediately.
  • Floors. Just because it does not touch the food – directly – does not mean that you can neglect your kitchen floors. Those little drops of blood, freezer water, and whatever stuck to the bottom of the staff’s shoes track germs throughout.  The slightest dampness is an invitation for bacteria to breed.  A Floor Mat Service can also assist in preventing tracked in dirt, water and germs from even entering your business!
  • Sponges, Mops and Towels. What you use to clean is just as important if not more than actual cleaning. Your bar towels, dish towels, and other similar linens should be handled by a professional linen service like ours to ensure they are sanitized and clean.  The same can be said about your mops and mop buckets.

To maintain the quality and cleanliness of your towels and other restaurant linens contact us at Gold Coast!  We have a quality linen service program that can be custom tailored to your restaurant and its’ needs. Our facilities practice the highest standards in hygiene, and we have a strict policy on on-time deliveries.  This ensures that your restaurant will never run short on quality towels and linens.