How Professional Medical Laundry Services Keep Your Medical Facility Safe

Posted by Gold Coast Linen Services on Fri, May 29, 2020

Medical Laundry Gold Coast

Now more than ever, medical facilities need every protection to keep patients and personnel safe. With medical linens and uniforms playing crucial roles in the operations of medical facilities, outsourcing medical laundry is a great solution. The right facility serving your needs could be the key to help strengthen your defenses. 

Here’s how a medical laundry service partner like Gold Coast can better your facility’s safety:

1. Better Results 

Gold Coast beats the competition with better laundry equipment, specialized expertise on medical linen care, and highly-trained personnel. As a client, you’ll get better linen and uniform care results while relieving the management burden on your end.

2. Better Handling

Linens and uniforms can potentially lead to cross-contamination in medical settings. Proper care does not start and end with the laundry process. Proper handling of textiles before and after the laundry procedure is just as crucial. The right laundry service partner will make sure that your clean and dirty linens and uniforms never meet. They’ll also ensure minimal human contact with your items in the post-laundry handling. With Gold Coast, your clean items are safely contained during delivery to reduce any risk of linen contamination. As a result, our professional medical laundry lets your doctors practice confidentially.

3. Better Focus

Outsourcing your laundry service needs relieves you and your facility from the burden of maintenance, inventory, and human resource management. This also reduces the financial costs of these burdens, thus allowing you to focus on the more pressing matters in your facility. 

4. Better Supply Stability 

Medical laundry service outsourcing allows a steadier, more stable supply of clean linens and uniforms. This means that you will no longer have to worry about soiled linens sitting too long in your chutes or in laundry bags, or have to extend the use of linens due to shortage. This, in turn, helps prevent cross-contamination.

5. Better Customer Service  

When your medical facility gets its materials through a trusted provider like Gold Coast, they’re getting quality customer service as well. Accountability is a hard thing to come by in our industry. That’s why Gold Coast trains and staffs some of the best customer service reps in the business. It’s up to us to get your materials to you, and it’s up to us to listen to your needs. With a customer service support staff you can rely on, you’ll always know exactly what to expect. 

The Right Service Provider: A Professional Medical Laundry

Not all linen service providers are made equal. These benefits listed above are only achievable with the right linen service provider. If you go with Gold Coast Linen Services, you’re making the right choice!

Choose a medical linen service provider that has the proof of compliance, competence, as well as commitment to customer satisfaction.

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