Chef Uniforms – Essential For Your Restaurant’s Success!

Posted by Gold Coast Linen Services on Wed, Oct 16, 2013

Chef’s Uniforms are classic: those traditional white double breasted chef coats, pants and hats have been around since the mid-nineteenth century and haven’t changed much since then.  Their functionality and practicality have made them a staple in many commercial restaurant settings. From high end hotels to mom and pop pizzerias, if you’re cooking, you want to be protected and comfortable.

Uniforms are essential for the people behind the scenes, especially the ones creating the culinary masterpieces that are being served to your customers. There are a many reasons why those restaurant uniforms keep chefs and kitchen staff slicing through their days with ease. Some of these reasons are:

– Restaurant kitchen uniforms help protect against burns that can happen in the kitchen from handling boiling liquids and extremely hot foods.

– They help keep the chef’s personal clothing protected from stains and spills.

– Uniforms also give businesses a professional, commercial image while upholding the tradition of the restaurant attire.

To ensure hygienic practices, chef uniforms should not be worn in public and should be changed at least once a day, being washed and pressed before repeat wear. Gold Coast Linen Services can take care of this aspect of uniform maintenance for your restaurant and its workers, by setting up a uniform program that fits your business needs. Restaurants who have their uniforms laundered by a professional laundry service allow the business to maintain hygienic practices. At Gold Coast, we know the correct way in processing soiled restaurant linens.  By having us do your dirty work guarantees a clean and protective covering while working in the kitchen.

At Gold Coast Linen Services we offer these traditional type uniforms but with a modern edge. We have many different styles to suit your individual restaurants needs.  There’s no doubt that most restaurants require their staff to wear neatly tailored uniforms, but we can make your restaurants uniforms a part of your business. With custom embroidery we can help build your brand while also keeping your employees safe, comfortable, stylish and ready to work!