“Smart Component”

Three things that bring significant value.

Proactive about Needs

Save them money
…Make a visual impression
…Know first 30 words so you don’t stumble
… Go about your business
”Put offs Go up!”

Concept “Personal Promise Pledge”

Define first Impression


I’m your linen Guy

How do you meet a new chef / owner?


Route Manager Weekly Steps


* Save Money – Lower Cost

* Check Stock: Never run out, Stock adjustment, pull bad stock
Personalization: Use customers name, check in, meet and greet, smile

* Personal Contact

Answer questions

Introduce New Product


Rotate Stock

Gather Particulars

Attitude: “No care in the world” make them friends

Check in: What did you do, tell them what you did before you leave ““I verified your napkin count”


* Then Ask Before you go: “Is there something else I can do before I go!”