Gold Coast Linen Services – West Palm Beach

Do your customer’s enjoy their dining experience? The ambiance of your Palm Beach restaurant contributes to your customer’s satisfaction. The dining experience includes many small details such as table linen size, staff apparel, linen supply color scheme and napkin fabric.  Gold Coast Linen, the premier West Palm Beach Linen Service enhances the dining experience with high quality table cloths, napkins, towel services, aprons, mats and more!

Our quality linen services are environmentally friendly, so you can be assured that your restaurant laundry service is washing with the highest environmental standards. We offer seven day a week availability to our linen service team.  We also don’t have any hidden charges with all of our West Palm Beach’s linen services and uniform rentals.
Table cloths and napkins are offered in a variety of colors and materials.  Our Linen Supply Services in West Palm Beach deliver the finest fabrics.  Napkin presentation is also part of the dining experience. Starched 7.2 ounce napkins will hold a fold for a beautiful, artistic presentation.

Our West Palm Beach restaurant linen and uniform supply offers fashionable chef apparel to accompany your dining room table linen.  We offer six chef coat rental styles and four chef pant styles. Cook shirts and dish washer shirts are also available.  Custom embroidery can be applied to the coats if desired. Apron services are available in many colors and are offered in three styles: bib aprons, bistro aprons and 4-way aprons. A full range of bar towels and kitchen towels are also available with a high quality cotton weave.  Our bar towels are a full thirty two ounces for greater absorbency.  We also supply dish towels, glass towels and grill pads.

Did you know that tons of dirt is tracked into our customers’ restaurants every year.  Your new restaurant linen service is pleased to offer entry mats that can trap dirt before it enters your restaurant. We also supply logo mat rentals which can be used to show pride in your establishment. Your employees will also certainly appreciate our anti-fatigue and comfort flow mats.  These mats improve the comfort of employees who must stand for long periods. They can also reduce or eliminate back ache.

Gold Coast Linen is committed to saying the best West Palm Beach Linen Service for every type of restaurant.  We take great pride in the partnerships with our restaurant linen customers and enjoy the contributing to the success of their restaurants.

If you are looking for a high quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly linen service; look no further than Gold Coast Linen in West Palm Beach.  Call us today for your linen supply needs analysis and risk free quote!