To be successful in our organization, we feel that you must uphold the following values.

1. LISTEN: Actively listen at all times

To provide the highest level of service, we need to understand our clients’ and coworkers’ needs and perspective. To ask questions and provide honest feedback when asked. This starts with the ability to listen.

2. COMMITMENT: Deliver on our commmitment

When making a commitment, make sure it’s delivered and on time! Only make promises that you can keep. Communicate along the way.

3. PRIDE: Take pride in your work

Always put our best foot forward, from delivering one crisp piece of linen to creating a world class client service program. Top notch quality in our service and products is the key to our success.

4. TEAMWORK: Work as a team

We all play a part in the company’s success. From inspecting one garment to listening to a client’s concern, we all share a common goal. Communicate and work toward a common goal.


Our decisions impact others on many levels, from team members to the community. We make a conscious decision to do the right thing for the right reason.

6. INTEGRITY: Demonstrate integrity at all levels

Do the right thing at all times!

7. KNOWLEDGE: Engage in continuous learning and teaching

We learn from the best and encourage those trained to pass on the knowledge. Our success is not only based on our success today, but the legacy we leave behind.

8. SAFETY: Promote safety at all times

Ensure the safety of others at all times whether at the plant, on public streets, or at client accounts, our team members will not cut corners at the expense of safety.

9. RESPECT: Show respect for each other

Seek to understand our differences. Promote an inclusive culture for both team members and our clients.


Laundry isn’t supposed to be serious! We focus on our clients and the quality of our products but we don’t lose sight of promoting a fun environment for our team members. We find humor in our daily activities. Work should also be fun!.