Maneuvering through South Florida Traffic

Posted by Gold Coast Linen Services on Mon, Sep 21, 2015

It is well-known that South Florida has some of the most dangerous drivers. Our high insurance rates can attest to the fact that there are accidents all the time, which lead to some serious traffic. Therefore, if you are a tourist or Florida native, here are some tips and tricks for getting around without yanking at your hair.

  • Carpool- Carpooling has many benefits. When sharing a car with someone you are saving the environment as well as money for gas and parking. Also, many South Florida highways have a carpool-only lanes, which are beneficial in getting to locations faster.
  • Sunpass- When it comes to a Sunpass, it is a Floridian’s prized-possession. There are many express lanes, and even airport parking, which only take Sunpass as the form of payment. These will help you get through tolls faster as well and paying less than Bill-to-Plate features or Cash-Only tolls.
  • Avoid Rush Hour- If possible, avoid these pesky hours of the day where everyone is busy either commuting to or from work. The hours are usually between 7-9am and in the afternoon they can start as early as 2pm till 6pm.
  • Public Parking- When visiting tourist places such as South Beach in Miami, parking can be a hassle. We recommend parking in public locations such as public lots and meters. These can be cheaper than private lots, where some places it is just under $1 per hour, while in private lots it starts at a $20 flat rate.
  • GPS System- There are some GPS systems, such as Google Maps, which will provide traffic information for you based on where you are headed and provide you with the fastest way of getting there. This is extremely handy due to random traffic jams that can occur due to the heavy amount of accidents that happen in South Florida.

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